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About the Site:

I have always been a traveler — the kid who learned multiple languages, lived abroad after college, and always knew I’d study “International Something.” But as we get older and more established, travel often becomes more and more difficult. First there was the full-time-and-then-some career, then (in my case) chronic illnesses, disability, and resulting poverty. And that was before I had a child!

In other words, this blog is unlikely to feature glorious round-the-world adventures or extended jaunts to exotic locales. It’s a blog for everyday travel: working within the limitations of time, budget, family, etc., to keep the spirit of exploration alive. Hope you’ll join us in our explorations!

About the Author:

Hi, I’m Tara — a freelance writer and editor, “once and future” attorney, and work-at-home mom. I live 5 blocks from our Nation’s Capitol, in a tiny condo shared with my work-from-home husband (Mr T), active preschooler (Vera), babysitting mother, and 5 pets. Some days are more sane than others!

I also blog about life, chronic illness, and parenthood at Two Wishes and provide a daily dose of under-$40 style at Fab Under Forty. One of these days, you’ll find me discussing consumer culture and mindful shopping at Consuming Obsessions.  And if you’re planning a wedding, be sure to check out my budget wedding planning archives from when I wrote as Mrs. Tulip on Weddingbee.

So glad you’re here! Please don’t hesitate to email any time.